Precision Tube Electro and Laser Machining

Let our team of experts handle all your electro and laser machining projects.

ISO Certified

Micro Med Precision is your #1 high precision tube contractor that specializes in Electro Machining and Laser Machining for all your extensive project needs.

Electro Machining

Our team is one of the largest EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) companies producing extensive EDM and ECM (Electrochemical Machining) wire and hole burning capabilities, with no distortion or thermal stress.

Laser Machining

With our in-house technology and expertise our team can perform all types of Laser Machining projects.

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Electro and Laser Machining

Single tube with square EDM Technology
One long tube with two circles at the end
Long thin tube with hole at the end
Three long tube with circles at the end

30+ years

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We can work with you from design to production to help find the most cost-effective and efficient process for your EDM, ECM, ECG, and Laser Machining projects.

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