Custom Tube Fabrication and Forming

Simple flare tubes to more complex designs.

ISO Certified

Micro Med Precision is a precision Tube Fabricating contractor that specializes in custom tube fabrication and forming for all your projects.

Tube Fabrication and Forming

Do you need a simple Flare tube? Does your business need a more complicated design?

With our state-of-the-art technology, we are your comprehensive shop, and our capabilities extend beyond simple tube projects to more elaborate jobs such as:

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Tube Components

Two large round tubes next to three long tubes
Two round slightly formed tubes
5 micro tubes with a flat end and circle in the middle
Two long tubes with the end formed
Two medical tubes that decrease in size at the end
Two larger round tubes that have been formed
Three long tubes with bending

30+ years

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We can work with you from design to production to help find the most cost-effective and efficient process to produce your tube forming projects.

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