Precision Finishing Tube Contractor

We can satisfy all your tube end-finishing requirements.

ISO Certified

At Micro Med Precision, we have an exceptionally wide range of in-house finishing capabilities where you can select the specialized method or combination of methods to complete your project.

Tube End Finishing

Our experienced Engineers are dedicated to your project and will provide tube end-finishing for the precision finish you desire.

Our highly skilled and motivated workforce can serve all of your tube end-finishing requirements such as:

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Tube Finishing

Single tube with end finishing for shine
10 Microscopic copper tubes
Single short tube with hallow center
One Tube with circular indent and shiny in texture
Two long and thin tubes with smaller diameter at the end
Two wide short tubes with smooth surface
Assembly - Medical Fabrication device

30+ years

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We can work with you from design to production to help find the most cost-effective and efficient process to produce your tube finishing needs.

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