Precision Tube Cutting for all Your Needs

Our precision team can perform OD & ID holding tolerances as little as +/-.001.

ISO Certified

We work with state-of-the-art modern technology to give you the optimum fit and function on every job we do. We can work with all types of standard materials to exotics like 52 Alloy, Kovar and Inconel’s.

Precision Cutting

We make clean, square cuts without any distortion to the OD & ID, holding tolerances as little as +/-.001. The tube-cutting process allows for end-forming to be done simultaneously.

Custom Cutting

If you need custom cutting, we can do straight and angled cuts for more complex cutting jobs. If you need cuts to microscopic dimensions, we can do Burr-free parts as small as .001.

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Our Tube Fabrication

Three tubes with a square cute in one tube
Tube Cutting - Three round tubes in a row
Three tubes with round holes in the end
Three tubes with circular cuts at the end
Two medical tubes that decrease in size at the end
Two larger round tubes that have been formed
One round tube with circular cuts evenly spaced

30+ years

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We can work with you from design to production to help find the most cost-effective and efficient process to produce your tubing cutting needs.

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